Feb 10, 2009

Nikon P90

For those of you who have always wanted to take close up photos of your favorite pronghorn...this might be the camera you've been waiting for!

Nikon just released it and it's got an incredible 24x zoom ratio for an equivalent 26mm to 624mm focal range! To my knowledge this is the longest focal length offered in any non-DSLR camera.

For comparison, most of the photos you see on here (or on the forums) are taken with a 500mm Sigma with a 1.6x crop factor for an equivalent focal length of 800mm. At 624mm with this camera you wouldn't be far behind and there may even be a 2x teleconverter you could add to stretch it out to 1248mm!

I have no idea what the image quality is going to be like - I'd imagine it won't be quite as good as a real DSLR with a real BIG LENS, but I'm betting it's still going to be pretty darn good. And with a MSRP of only $399 it will be a tough camera to beat.


Anonymous said...

I say you just splurge and buy the new Nikon D3X. Heck it's only 8 grand!! That's chump change right?? lol

The P90 should become a very popular camera. Looks to be a great camera for the money.


Eli Grimmett said...

Yeah. I'm really wanting an 800mm lens of some type - either the Sigma 300-800mm or the Canon 800mm. Unfortunately, guiding isn't exactly in the same income range as Major League Baseball Player.

Looking to use most of the income from the prints to purchase one if I can. :) Either that or for house payments. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Warning balalumba here