Feb 10, 2009

The Prints are Here!

Let me start by saying that this has been a dream of mine for a long time! I think I've finally racked up enough great photos to pull it off.

It's going to start small and hopefully grow from here. I have several prints I'd like to unleash, but I'll be starting with the one you see at the bottom of this post.

This is a buck we found in 2007 on one of our Gold Hunt ranches. We didn't name him then, but thought he'd score about 86 even though we only believed him to be about 14 inches long (maybe even shorter).

We relocated him in 2008 and were amazed by his growth in one year. We thought he'd easily top 90 inches and we still thought he'd be under 16 inches long.

We tried like crazy to get good video footage and good photos, but we didn't have much luck early in the year. Then we got lucky!

We spotted him behind some trees and I started stalking while my Dad waited at the truck just in case the buck went towards him instead. I only got about 75 yards from the truck when my Dad quietly yelled out to me, "He can see you. Stop." I stopped and got behind a tree. I waited for about 30 minutes and the buck made his way all the way over to us. We both got great looks, me with my camera and my dad with his camcorder. The image below was taken at about 35 yards and unfortunately was one of the few that I got from that distance. I first got a side shot, then he heard the shutter, and I got a couple front shots. And then he split!

We named him Titanic because of his EXTREME MASS! He officially scores 92 5/8 SCI and 92 B&C.

And the FIRST PRINT EVER offered by Eli Grimmett and Pronghorn Guide Service is: TITANIC

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John said...

Very nice, and congrats on the new business venture

Eli Grimmett said...

Thanks! Now all I need is someone to actually visit this blog. ;)