Apr 29, 2008

Honeymoon Photos!

Here are a couple photos from our honeymoon. We went through Yellowstone Park and saw a million buffalo! Then, just outside the park, we saw a few herds of antelope. This is officially the first antelope buck I've seen this year! Only one way to go from here. :)


I'm back from my honeymoon and I've been moving into an apartment. I'll post some antelope pictures as soon as I get them loaded onto my computer. Probably later today.

Apr 16, 2008


This post will be the last post until probably May 1st because I'm getting married!

Bachelor party today, wedding rehearsal tomorrow, wedding Friday, honeymoon from the 19th until the 28th. After all that I'll be back online and ready to make more posts. And, of course, that should be close to the time where my Dad and I start our scouting for the 2008 season.

See you then!

(Notice the Grand Canyon and the camouflage :-)

Apr 14, 2008

Ken Ross' Buck!

I was going through some archived emails and I stumbled across this one. The email was sent to us from Ken Ross on October 2nd, 2005.

"Tony, I bought your video (Size Is Everything), and watched it over and over again. Then, I took what I learned from it and put it to use on many, many scouting trips this year. Just had to let you know that I believe what I learned from your video made it possible for me to accurately judge and take a trophy of a lifetime. Many thanks."

"Gross score is 92 5/8. Deductions are 1 2/8. Don't know where he'll end up after the drying period, but he sure is great."

"Had spent weeks scouting, photographing antelope, trying to score them and then trying to keep track of them. Your video tape was invaluable. It made scoring much easier and although we had seen many good bucks, I think we made the best choice possible using your scoring method. Thanks again. Ken Ross."

Apr 12, 2008

That Just Don't Look Right!

Along the same lines as the last post, I came across another picture that I've posted before - either on this blog or elsewhere on the internet. I thought to myself..."WOW!, that just ain't right!"

Apr 11, 2008

Things That Just Don't Look Right!

I was flipping through some old photos, like I often do, and I came across the one you see below. I've seen this picture a million times, but every time I see it I feel the adrenaline rush and I think to myself, "That just ain't right!"

Apr 9, 2008

Arizona Auction Tag Dates?

Arizona has moved opening day for the Arizona Antelope Auction Tags from August 1st to August 15th. I have no idea why they moved the dates. It's a raw deal for the potential bidders.
The Negatives:

1: Now the auction tag winners will actually not be the first antelope hunters in the field since the 19A archery season opens on August 8th! Considering ALL 3 auction tag bucks last year were taken in 19A this is something I wouldn't tolerate if I was a potential bidder.

2: The potential for horn breakage increases for every day an antelope has it's horns. The closer to the rut it gets the greater the chance for breakage.

Apr 5, 2008

David Clayton's Buck

One of our readers, David Clayton, took a great buck last year in 18A! The buck net scores 81 2/8 with 6 6/8 bases and a 6 7/8 first quarter. He took the buck on opening morning at 6:20 AM. (He also took a great field photo - see below!)

Apr 2, 2008

19A History

A reader requested our record in Unit 19A, so I dug up some stats. I think this is all of the bucks we've guided to in 19A, but I'm not 100% certain. The older stats were kind of jumbled up. If I find anymore bucks I'll update this list. As you can see we've had pretty good success in 19A with most of the biggest bucks being taken in recent years!