Feb 9, 2009

1st NM Combo Auction Tag for 2009

The first New Mexico combo tag was auctioned in Salt Lake this last Saturday in conjunction with the MDF and FNAWS convention. I'm not sure who bought the tag, but it sold for about 135K.

The Arizona Deer Tag sold for 137K and guess who bought it... Doc. :)

The Utah Deer Tag sold for 205K! They must have bigger deer than we do. Either that, or somebody knows something (I'm guessing the second one (and maybe part of the first one)).

That's all I know so far.


John said...

have you ever guided the combo hunt in NM before? What was price of that tag in years past? Let us know if you get to guide that tag this year!!


Eli Grimmett said...

Yeah! That was the tag Gallo and his son had.

For those who don't know what it is:

1 Deer
1 Elk
1 Antelope
1 Ibex
1 Oryx

Mike bought one package last year (the two sold for 140ish and 170ish) and he bought the Antelope, Oryx, and Ibex from the guy who bought the other package and gave them to his son. (In NM you can buy the combo package and sell off the hunts individually if you want.)

Last year was the very first time NM has had this package and the very first time they've had an antelope auction tag of any kind. Fortunately we were able to guide him and his son on both antelope tags! We left the other species for other guides/outfitters to worry about.

Mike bid on this tag that just sold but didn't get it. No idea who bought it or who that hunter plans on using for antelope.