Nov 10, 2008

Arizona Auction Tag Buck 2008

Here's the gang posing with the buck we named Arnold. From screen left to right sits Tory Brock, Dr. David Meyer, Me, Tony Grimmett, and Chad Smith. The buck was taken on opening morning by Dr. Meyer at just over 200 yards. The buck is due to be officially scored sometime very soon. I'll let you know when we get the final verdict. I've held the buck next to Meyer's world record buck named JoeBoo and this buck is clearly bigger, but we'll have to wait to see what the tape says.

Nov 9, 2008

Wyoming? Really?

I wasn't planning on posting this, but since I've seen photos all over the internet I guess it's OK. We were told this buck was taken in Wyoming during the last weekend of the season. It was rough scored at 94 inches.

Here's the email we received:

"Here are a few photos of a tremendous Wyoming buck killed about a week ago north of Douglas, WY in hunt area 26. I took a few rough but relatively accurate measurements of the right horn and the buck grosses around 94 B&C. The right horn had a lenght of only 14.25" but nearly 8" bases, 9.25" second quarter mass, 6.5" prong, 6.25" 3rd quarter mass and 3+" forth quarter mass. I enjoyed your video and the photos you post on your website are nothing short of incredible. I apologize these photos are not the best, but assumed you would enjoy hearing about this buck regardless!"

I'm not sure who the hunter is, but if I find out I will surely give him credit for taking such an amazing buck! If you have any information about the buck or the hunter post a comment below and let us know.