Jul 20, 2008

Arizona Auction Tag - The Second One

The second Arizona Antelope Auction Tag was auctioned last night for $67,500 at the annual Arizona Antelope Foundation Banquet. In semi-related news it appears that a buck scoring over 93-inches was found dead a few days ago. Apparently the buck was found caught in a fence crossing. I'll report more as I found out information.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap that sucks to hear!! What unit was he in? Do you have any pictures??


John said...

is the highest bidder booking with PGS this year?

Eli Grimmett said...

It wasn't a buck that we found so I won't post where it was online, but it was kind of near Flagstaff. And, unfortunately, I have no pictures.

I believe the highest bidder might be booking with us.