Jul 10, 2008

Hunt Openings!!!

We have TWO HUNTS AVAILABLE! These hunts are for the north east corner of New Mexico near Springer. Typically we take bucks on this hunt between 78 and 82 inches. Of course, we do take bigger bucks and we do take smaller bucks - sometimes it depends on just how patient you are and how itchy your trigger finger gets! Last year our biggest buck off this hunt scored just over 86 I believe. The hunt starts August 23rd and is 3 days long. Contact us quickly if your interested at 623-566-8708.

The picture below is from a scouting trip we took to our ranches in that part of the state earlier this year!


John said...

if they are still available after the AZ results come out lets talk. I need to see if I will have the time or not. Maybe I can get a break for most posts in your blog!!!


Eli Grimmett said...

Haha! Yeah, we can talk for sure, but the results are going to have to come out pretty quick!