Jul 21, 2008


Here's a cool big buck! We call him Tank. There was a buck a couple years ago that Blake Lanoue and I posted pics of on the AZOD forums. This buck looks similar to that buck so we just transferred the name. The original "Tank" is the buck below and we have no idea where he disappeared to. (the pic below was taken in 2006)


John said...

That top pic is a very nice buck, Cant wait to start hearing and reading about how many 90's bucks you guys get this year

Eli Grimmett said...

I hope we get a few good ones!!! Our hunting season begins very soon and I'll be sure to keep updating the blog with the bucks we take as we take them - at least I will when I get some time to post.

Anonymous said...

I wish Tank was still around last year. If he would have grown any in 2007 he would have contended for the World Record.

I am guessing he was caught in the transplant. No reason for him to just die over the winter since it really wasn't that bad that year. I suppose he could have been poached, but that's unlikely considering where he lived.