Jan 2, 2008

Brochure 2008

I just finished our brochure for 2008 and dropped the CD in the mailbox. The cover is posted below. It has 30 pictures of giant bucks we've taken and 6 different photos of live bucks over 88 inches! It's not only our biggest brochure ever, it's our best!


John said...

Very Nice. Are you guys doing any trade shows this year? From an over all clients perspective did the change in application date for AZ change anything? Did you have more or less clients that usual? Did you have to turn anybody away?

Eli Grimmett said...

It was kind of a weird deal this past year. We had very few hunters call us looking to book a hunt. Even though we killed 8 bucks in Arizona, our most ever, we only had 3 of those hunters book hunts with us prior to opening day and one of the hunters was a friend of ours and the other two came together. In the end everything worked out great - we guided as many hunters as we had spots available, but the calls to book hunts were definitely way down.

We heard from a few other outfitters who said the same thing.

I don't remember turning anyone away.

I think in the future we're going to have to solicit more hunters (as opposed to letting them come to us) to garner enough business to keep going.

The only show we have scheduled this year is the SCI Convention in Reno, NV. The show is this month, 23rd-26th, and it's AWESOME!

We'll have more and bigger antelope than we've ever had at the show before including:

The SCI World Record (Life-size!)
Both B&C World Records
The longest buck ever
The 100 inch Beck Buck
Cody Priddy's 20 inch buck from 2007
Shaun Friesen's 94 2/8 B&C buck from 2007
And many more!

John said...

so do you think since people found out earlier that they were drawn they had enough time to scout on their own and did not have to hire a guide?

Eli Grimmett said...

Obviously everyone had plenty of time to scout, but I'm not sure about who used that time wisely and who used that time poorly.

For instance: The buck Shaun Friesen killed (on the cover of our brochure) was alive in 2006 and nearly just as big. The buck lived in one of the only areas in 19AN that had public land. There were 30 hunters in 19AN that year. Most hunters know that 19AN is a good unit so I'd assume that most scouted. Which makes me wonder...why wasn't the buck killed in 2006?

Not that killing any buck you find is a slam dunk endeavor, but as many times as we've seen it happen...hm...it makes us wonder if hunters scout as much as we think they do.

BTW: I found my 2006 photos!!! :) At least some of them.

Now I'll be able to post more year to year comparisons.