Dec 30, 2007

Arizona's 5 Best Units for 2008 - Part 4

Unit 18A:

Unit 18A has been a consistent producer over the last 20 years and has also produced many 90 inch bucks including Paul Langford's 20 incher. The unit is known for it's unique horned bucks and for it's bucks having great length!

The unit roughly breaks down into 4 distinct areas that hold antelope so running into other hunters may not be a problem during the rifle and muzzle loader hunts. The good news about the areas is that they have all held monster antelope in the past.

Last Year:
Rifle: 15 tags, 2% draw chance
Muzzle: 10 tags, 2%
Archery (includes 10/18B): 100 tags, 8%

This Year:
Rifle: 15 tags
Muzzle: 10 tags
Archery (includes 10/18B): 100 tags

The buck above was taken by Wayne Webber in 2004 in Unit 18A. It scores 96 5/8 SCI, 94 B&C.

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charlie lanoue said...

on your blog of "five best units" when you mention 18A. You also post draw odds for 10/18b can you hung 18A with that particular tag?