Dec 27, 2007

Bucks That Got Away - Part 2

In 1997 my Dad and I were sitting in a blind in 19AS - we were waiting for either "WR1" or "L" to come in to water - both bucks were over 90 inches. However, this day, neither buck came in. A tall buck came in and my Dad debated whether to shoot or not. The buck was easily over 17 inches long, and probably closer to 18 inches or more, but with a broken prong and a broken horn tip. With the tips intact the buck would have scored around 83 inches. My Dad passed.

In 1998 we gave the buck a name, "Sticks". The picture below is from 1998, the year before "Sticks" was taken. Corky Richardson arrowed the buck September 9th, 1999. "Sticks" has the longest horns in history at over 21 inches long.

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