Dec 23, 2007

Arizona's 5 Best Units for 2008 - Part 3

Unit 19AN:

Ten years ago this entry would have been for 19AS. It's almost like the two halves traded places sometime around 2000 and 2001. We've taken several 90-inch bucks in 19AN the last couple years including the 2006 Auction Tag bought by Denny Austad (96 2/8 SCI), the 2007 Auction Tag bought by Shaun Friesen (97 2/8 SCI), and the 2007 Raffle Tag Winner Chad Corbin (94 2/8 SCI).

But, with all goods things, there's usually a catch and in 19AN it's private land. So far we've been able to get access to most of the ranches, but some charge a trespass fee anywhere from $500 to $1000. Some of the ranches will let you hunt for free, but only once you obtain permission. One of the ranches won't let anyone hunt (unfortunately it's the biggest ranch!) There is a tiny bit of public land, but I wouldn't apply for this unit planning on hunting it.

Another small chink in the 19AN armor is that it's very much like hunting in the city. If you're looking for a quiet, pleasant, relaxing hunt then this one is not it.

Also, one last note - muzzle loader hunters have first crack at the big bucks. If you're a rifle hunter, it's possible the buck you pick out during your scouting trip will already be gone by your opening day.

Other than that it's a good unit for big bucks!

Last year:
Rifle: 15 Tags, 1%
Muzzle: 15 Tags, 4%

This year:
Rifle: 15 Tags
Muzzle: 20 Tags

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