Dec 15, 2006

High Prongs

I was in New Mexico in a tiny hotel in a tiny town when I showed Dave the pictures I took that morning of two huge bucks - bucks we were hopefully going to get with our hunters in the next couple days. Dave exclaimed that Big Wampum was going to be the biggest buck taken on our ranch. I wasn't sure. I thought Terminator might be a bit bigger. I knew that Big Wampum's high prongs were weighing on his decision and I also knew that I had to take into account the WOW factor that Big Wampum exuded!

Big Wampum and Terminator have very different horn configurations. Wampum's prongs are close to 10 inches up his main horn while Terminator's prongs are closer to 7 inches up. Both bucks are just over 17 inches long.

Most hunters, like Dave, think that Big Wampum is bigger than Terminator.

Terminator nets over 93 inches; Big Wampum nets around 87 inches.

High prong characteristics:
*Shorter prongs
*Smaller bottom mass
*Slightly larger top mass
*Longer horns

Low prong characteristics:
*Longer prongs
*Larger bottom mass
*Slightly smaller top mass
*Shorter horns

Other than possibly having longer horns high prongs are only good for one other thing - SCI. If they're high enough the buck may receive three mass measurements under his prong!

Tally Ho.

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