Dec 15, 2006

Huge bucks and HUGE BUCKS

Sometimes bucks that look huge are HUGE, but sometimes they're not and when they're not you're in deep trouble if you're a guide or outfitter. If you're not, you still won't be happy to experience "ground shrinkage". No one is last I checked.

Characteristics that make bucks look huge when they may not be:
*High prongs
*Flared prongs
(where the prongs, from a head on view, point outwards)
*Wide spread

There are others, but we'll focus on these three for now.

Now, these bucks do usually make for beautiful trophies and great mounts, but oftentimes you should lower your expectations on horn size or you could end up disappointed.

Do some of these types of bucks score over 90? You bet. Do they routinely baffle people when they don't? You bet!

Tally Ho.

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