Jul 8, 2008


Tack sharp photos are a photographers dream! Here are a few tips to get them:

1. Always use a tripod, even if you think you don't need to.
2. Use a cable release so you don't have to actually touch your camera when taking the photo. If you don't have a release then use the timer function.
3. Use Mirror Lock-Up
4. Get close! The closer you are the less the aberrations in the air will affect your photo.
5. Use Photoshop!

These are the things I do. I don't always take tack sharp photos, but it's usually because I neglect one or more of the tips above.


Anonymous said...

Those are some good tips. You may want to add:

Buy a big ass VR lens!


Eli Grimmett said...

Well, that's actually something I was going to include, but it was going to have a different spin on it.

From what I've read the VR/OS/IS lenses are great, but they're mostly great for hand held photos. The professionals (I'm not one of them) seem to think that the movement created within the lens is counterproductive when you're already using a tripod and the other tricks. Basically, they're saying that the VR will cause more movement within the lens then with the VR turned off. Now, I have no idea if they're talking about when you're using it with all lenses or if it's different with BIG lenses. I do know, that I do hand hold a lot of shots and that I'd love a stabilized lens for it! I guess the only way to really know what be to go out and test it yourself.

Sigma has a new 150-500 lens with OS. Kinda wish I had it instead of the one I have, but I'm happy with mine so far...just need a little more reach.

Anonymous said...

That is interesting about the VR. I haven't heard that before. I shoot mostly hand held as well and that's why I want one.