Jul 8, 2008

100-Incher - Not Again?!

I've seen a few pictures of a buck that would clearly and easily score more than 100-inches. In fact I field judged the buck at close to 102-inches with a horn length of 22 1/8-inches and a prong length of 6 6/8-inches and mass totaling 22 1/8-inches. For a long time now I haven't been sure if the photos were real or fake. I'm still not sure, but I've analyzed the photos on many different occasions and I'm leaning towards REAL. I have no idea where the buck is. Do you?


Anonymous said...

If I find him, I will be sure to tell you!! haha. yeah right!! :-)

If they are the same photos I have seen, they look real to me. I find it hard to imagine, though, that a buck that big can stay under the radar so long and not get killed.


John said...

We need to see this picture.


Eli Grimmett said...

You would think it would be hard to imagine, but I have some weird instances that I'll post about that might make you second guess.

I might post the pictures sometime, we'll see. ;)