Apr 29, 2008

Honeymoon Photos!

Here are a couple photos from our honeymoon. We went through Yellowstone Park and saw a million buffalo! Then, just outside the park, we saw a few herds of antelope. This is officially the first antelope buck I've seen this year! Only one way to go from here. :)


Anonymous said...


Now that all that mushy marriage stuff is out of the way, when is the serious scouting going to begin?? I have only been out twice and both times sucked. The wind has been terrible up here and it makes the scouting tough. I did see another bald eagle though. Pretty cool to see out in the middle of antelope country.


Eli Grimmett said...

Soon, hopefully. Honestly, if gas was closer to a buck a gallon I'd already be out there, but at 3.50 a gallon I can't really justify it just yet. I'll typically drive about a 1000 miles or so during a scouting trip which would equal about $230 in just gas right now!

I had a trip planned for May 10th-12th, but was informed a couple days ago of a wedding I might have to attend. At any rate, I think I should be able to get out there by at least the 17th, but it might only be to 19A. We'll just have to see how things go and when my Dad wants to get going.

Hard to believe that any days in 19A would suck...did you see anything worth going back to look at?

Anonymous said...

I did see a buck or two that I want to keep an eye on. I just didn't see the numbers that I usually see, but the bucks outnumbered the does.

I assume that is because the ladies are getting ready to drop their fawns, or may have, and they were staying hidden.

There is also some major construction going on up here. They are burying a high pressure gas line up here that apparently runs through the whole state. The gas line runs right through Perkins' place, and right through the hang gliding place. It was just recently finished, but they have been working on it for a month or so and it really has the antelope scattered.

If you come up on a weekend, let me know.