Mar 21, 2008

The Biggest Antelope Ever!

I got to thinking (as I occasionally do, but not too often, my fiance says I might hurt myself) how big could an antelope possibly get?! As far as weight goes I'd have to say around 250 and it would probably be a corn fed monstrosity from Wyoming, but I'm more interested in horn size.

Would 100-inches be attainable? Heck, there has already been a buck that big. It was taken in 1878 and currently stretches the tape to 101-inches. What about 110-inches? Is it possible? How could we know?

If we did an impromtu survey of the largest measurements from each of the top 90-inch antelope in the world we might come up with a reasonable expectation for an absolute maximum size. Those measurements are:

L: 21, 20 7/8
P: 8 5/8, 8 5/8
B: 8 2/8, 8 3/8
1: 8 6/8, 9
2: 7 6/8, 7 3/8
3: 4 7/8, 4 4/8

T: 118-inches!

Although some of these measurements might not be the absolute largest in the world, they're probably not far off. Also, we have to realize that the traditional "above the prong" 2nd quarter measurement would have to be taken "below the prong" to achieve a measurement over 7-inches.

Outside of a potentially farm-raised genetically engineered pronghorn we can believe that a buck with a score like this will never really exist, but it's fun to think about. Even more fun than what the actual measurements might be is to think about what the buck might look like and how the horns might be shaped. I'm picturing a giant heart shape about 20-inches wide!


John said...

Well interesting thoughts. Hopefully AZ results will be out this week and I will get a tag and try to track down a 100 incher for you!!!

Eli Grimmett said...

Yeah, I'd like to do the same thing when/if I get a tag! We'll have to get together and compare our 100-incher notes.

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