Mar 22, 2008

Baseball Stuff

This post has nothing to do with antelope or how to kill a 90-incher. As many of you know I'm a huge baseball fan and an avid "Fantasy Baseball" player! XM radio 175, baby! It keeps me going when I'm in the middle of nowhere scouting for 90-inchers. A few of my gut feelings for the 2008 baseball season are below...

Paul Konerko, Carlos Pena, and Ryan Braun hit fewer than 100 HR

Ryan Zimmerman, Kevin Kouzmanoff, and Hanley Ramirez hit more than 90 HR

Prince Fielder and Mark Teixeira duke it out for the HR crown

Rickie Weeks becomes a 2nd round draft pick

Eric Byrnes repeats last year

Alex Rios and Ryan Braun switch ADP's

Miguel Cabrera hits under .300

Stephen Drew becomes a Top 10 SS

Rich Hill and Tim Lincecum K 400 batters

Ben Sheets is mentioned mid-season as a Cy Young candidate

That's all I've got for now. I always look back at last season and say that I knew Prince Fielder was going to hit 50 HR and that Andruw Jones and Travis Hafner and Jason Bay were going to flop, but I had no proof that I said any of that. That's why I posted this...just in case this stuff does happen I'll have proof! If everything happens the exact opposite of the way I say it think I'll just go back and delete this post. Haha! ;)


John said...

Call me crazy but we recently just had our draft and I drafted Fransico Liriano from the Twins high banking him being fully recovered from his Tommy John surgery 16 months ago. It also seems like I have a lot of Tigers on my team hopefully they score a lot of runs

Eli Grimmett said...

We had our draft last night! It was great. I also drafted Liriano! Looks like we both may be in for a few DL stints, but hey, when he does pitch he should give us some good stats! :) I actually drafted a lot of injury prone pitchers...Sheets, Harden, Gallardo, Gagne, Liriano, Rafeal Soriano...

Anonymous said...

Baseball starts in 2 days, I drew a lope tag in 19A(rifle). Living the dream this spring. Woohoo.

Eli Grimmett said...

I keep getting "anonymous" posts and I have no idea who they're from. Sign in so I know what's going on. I'm lost here. It almost seems as though the same person has drawn 4 or 5 different tags in Arizona! Haha! :)

Did you see Lincecum's start the other day 9 K's in 5 IP! :)