Feb 2, 2008

Hakuba Tripod HG-503MX

It weighs only 4 lbs., can adjust from 11 inches high to 70 inches high, and can find antelope without even needing your assistance. What more could you want?! A few other reasons we prefer it over other tripods:

1. The twist lock knobs are quick and tight and if you're hiking with it by holding a leg and letting it hang down by your side the leg locks don't get caught on your pant pockets.

2. It comes with a tripod head. Not that it's a very good tripod head, but at least it's something if you can't afford to upgrade.

3. It has screws at the top of the legs that you can tighten just in case the leg pivot joint becomes loose - and it will. Some cheaper tripods don't have this feature.

4. You can get it at B&H for $289.95.

Is it the best tripod in the world. No. But it may very well be the best lightweight tripod in the world for your money. Hey, it's the one my Dad and I both use and we've used them all.

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