Feb 2, 2008

Arizona's 5 Worst Units That Have Giant Bucks

These are the units I hate to scout even though they've all produced giant bucks in the past and may produce giants in the future. I wouldn't apply for these units if I were you. Unless you like them for some reason - I can't see any reason why someone would like them. ;) In no particular order...

Unit 9: Too many trees. Too few antelope. Dylan Woods buck in 2000 was GIANT!

Unit 7: Too many trees. Way too few antelope. AZG&F seem to think there are a lot of antelope in this unit. I haven't seen them. I guess if you're an elk or deer hunter you might have better luck finding the antelope. The buck we called "Buddha" (2nd column over, 5th row down - hooks forward.) was GIANT!

Unit 8: Too many trees. Too few antelope. There are outfitters who like this unit. In 2004 I found a buck we named "Bigfoot" in this unit. TLH of AZOD fame scouted for this buck several different times and never once saw it. He took the buck on opening day. That just ain't right with antelope - to know a buck is there and never be able to find it. If you like that sort of thing then by all means, go right ahead. Robert Petersen's buck (pic below) in 2000 was GIANT!

Unit 17B: Too many private signs! But...John Gisi's buck in 2006 was GIANT!

Unit 19B: See 17B. But...David Meyer's buck in 2001 was GIANT!

As you can see, though these units may not be the most fun to scout they have all produced many giant bucks throughout the years and will most likely do so again.


John said...

I agree with you on the scouting part, I also think it is all about which weapon you are using, I think the trees are easier to hunt if you are hunting with a bow, the wide open country is better from Rifle. I like unit 7 and 8 alot I have seen some really good goats + areas like that can give you more of a chance to see other animals, I understand being a antelope nut but I like seeing Elk and Deer as well.


Eli Grimmett said...

I like seeing elk and deer, too, but not when I'm looking for antelope. In fact, I've been told Elk compete directly with antelope for food so I'd prefer that all the elk in the antelope country be removed. :) Just my opinion. Haha. I know of many good areas that are not "elk country" that have a lot of elk roaming around. I think this is the year that I'll start applying for those areas to start my futile elk removal process. And maybe I'll find some good antelope while looking for elk.