Dec 19, 2007

Arizona's 5 Best Units for 2008 - Part 1

Unit 5A:
I scouted the unit extensively for the first time and liked it. There were more antelope than I expected, but spread out. No single area had more than a few bucks, but I saw several over 85-inches.

Last year:
6 rifle tags, odds 1%.
5 archery tags, odds 12%

This year:
10 rifle tags
5 archery tags


John said...

wooohooo a whole whopping 4 more tags!!!!! Sign me up!!!


Eli Grimmett said...

I know, it's not much. Hopefully, even if the herd does increase, G&F doesn't start issuing too many more tags - it would be nice to see the unit come to life in a few years!

Goatboy said...

The buck in the picture was killed by an archer but the big one you talk about is still alive and kicking.

Eli Grimmett said...

Goatboy, did you hunt in 5A last season? I'd be interested to hear how it was and what you saw.