Dec 19, 2007

100-Inch Pronghorn

The last few years I've heard 100-inch pronghorn rumors yet no one has produced one of these legendary beasts. The buck would have to dry (shrink) for 60 days to be officially scored and therefore need to green score more than 102-inches. That's BIG!

If the rumors are true then where are the bucks? I'd assume that either:

A) They're in units with few tags - no one scouts there, no one finds them. The person who does find one - the "rumor-starter" - does so on his way to camp after filling his tag. Drats!

B) The hunter doesn't know how to field judge, overestimates the bucks score.

C) The buck is far away, the hunter misjudges because heat waves blur the horns.

D) It's a lie.

E) B, C, and D

If this were multiple choice I'd pick "E" every time.

Does anyone have a 100-inch rumor they've heard? I'm always looking for one (a 100-incher, not a rumor.)


Eli Grimmett said...

I may have already published this post - if I did it's at least better written this time and with a groovy picture!

antelope nut said...

What about the guy from Flagstaff that claimed to have TWO 100 inch bucks picked out for his clients last year?? Ever hear if they were killed and what they really ended up scoring??

John said...

I know you have covered it before, but to get 100 in, I know it would have to be long and have a lot of mass, but I am wondering what would make it score higher, Mass or leangth? I saw some of the fatest mass wise lopes in 6B last year but not very tall.

yoda said...

I'm sorry. That's just a very old mule deer on his downhill slide.

Mule Deer Fanatic

antelope nut said...

Mass would be the key. There are 6 total measurements and 4 of them are mass. Even the measurement for the length of the prong is "sort of" like a mass measurement.

Here is a scoring scenario for you


That would give you a gross score of 100. In my opinion, these measurements are the cream of the crop of all measurements. Some bucks will have two are three measurements like this, but never has a buck had all of them combined.

Eli has boatloads of statistics on this and I hope he shares some. I have heard many of them and they are very interesting.

Eli Grimmett said...

Flagstaff guy disappeared - at least from us. Offered him 5K if he could produce the buck for us. Wonder why he never responded?

Yoda: But it's a decent Coues Deer, no? ;)

I have to agree with antelope nut on the measurements - at least for now. The Beck Buck - killed in 1878 and scoring over 100-inches - had measurements around:

B 8
1 9 4/
2 4 4/
3 3 4/
P 7 4/
L 17 4/

Or something close to that - I don't have the score sheet in front of me. I'll take some pics of it and write up a post about it.

And though I agree about the mass for now, the rumor buck last year looked to easily be over 20-inches, so who knows...

John said...

I am pretty sure that there are a few 100 in antelope out there but I think they are in area;s nobody looks for them. I think if there was 100 inch in Unit 10 or 18 / 19 people would know because there are enough experts that look in those area for them. Maybe some place like 13 or 5A/B might have one hiding in the trees somewhere. Both of those units have produced monsters in the past but not as well known to the general public. Who knows I just hope to be the first to find him!! :-) I would share with both you and Blake though I would need help field judging him anyways

Anonymous said...


Wasn't the Beck Buck tampered with or something to that affect? I can't remember exactly if it was just a cosmetic fix or an attempt to alter the score. I know either way it was disqualified for the books.

Funny about the Flagstaff guy. Now I really want to know what those bucks ended up scoring! Probably mid 80's!! :-)

Eli Grimmett said...

The Beck Buck had "stuff" added to the bases to make the horns longer. Once removed the buck's score didn't really change because the mass measurements moved, too. It dropped about an 1-inch or so in score. The additional horn matter was added before record keeping, so it's unlikely it was done to make the buck bigger.

John: 5A/B and there something you're not telling us? ;)

The 100-inch rumor would definitely get out if the buck were in 19A but I'm not so sure about 10 - it's huge!

Blake said...


ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Eli is always looking for the next big buck. If you know where he is, you better just tell me and I will keep it a secret!! haha...just kidding guys.

I agree though. I imagine there are a few monsters running around in the units with cedars/pines. Those areas not only tend to get overlooked by hunters, but they become very easy spots for the antelope to disappear.

jeff said...
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jeff said...

Maybe there could be some approching 100" in a unit with a lot of private property that never gets hunted?