Mar 26, 2009

Wyoming Freak is Official!

This information was taken straight from B&C's website.

New Wyoming Record
March 25, 2009

Photos of this heavy horned pronghorn have been circulating under a heading "Monster WYO Antelope."

As it turns out, this buck is now tied for the Wyoming state record with an official B&C score of 91-2/8. It was taken by Michael Wheeler on 10/3/08 from Natrona County. The other record pronghorn was taken by Bill Boatman from Fremont County in 1988.

The largest base circumference (9-2/8) on record is from another Wyoming buck taken in 1966. Wheeler's buck has base measurements of 7-5/8, with 2nd quarters of 9-1/8 and 8-5/8. Horn length is 14-2/8 and 14-5/8.


Anonymous said...

He sure makes alot of other gaint antelope look small.

Eli Grimmett said...

That's what I was thinking! Have you seen the buck in person? I imagine it's ridiculous looking.

Anonymous said...

Some day, I want to hold a buck in my hands with a 9+ inch measurement!! What a pig!!

You think this buck fooled a lot of hunters because it wasn't very tall?? I know when I went to WY last year on my antelope hunt, the length was how everyone "scored" their bucks.


Eli Grimmett said...

What's funny is that length isn't a bad thing to judge a buck by, but in Wyoming it's the worst thing you can use. Since almost all the mature bucks are between 13 and 16 inches, and you usually just can't tell how long some of them are because of their enormous body size and heads, hunters most likely end up shooting much smaller bucks than they should. Wyoming is known for having massive bucks with giant base measurements and sometimes really long prongs. The biggest bucks in Wyoming are usually similar to this buck - short and heavy!

Not sure if this buck fooled anyone, but he either blended in really well or no serious trophy hunters saw him is my guess.

When we went to Wyoming we actually didn't run into too many hunters because we were there on the last couple days of the hunt. The buck that was in the running for my sister's hunt was an even shorter and heavier buck than the one she took.

Anonymous said...

hi guys,thanks for putting my antelope on your site,my name is mike wheeler,and im the one who harvested this great antelope,i have to say it was a hunt of a life time,also this buck was harvested on state owned grounds,on a do it your self a aera with a lot of tags each year,so there was a lot of hunters,but nobody seen him.i guess i was the lucky hunter,but i will take luck.i almost did not shoot him becuse he did not have a lot of lingth to his horns,but i could not beleave the mass.he was deceving.this is only my second antelope.seeing im a easterner from michigan,who is usally chaseing whitetails be truthfull,i really did not know how big he really was,untill he was scored.i never dreamed i would take a record antelope,like him,this was taken on a antelope/mule deer hunt,and i was really looking for a big mulie,me and my buddy said we would not shoot a antelope unless it made us say wow,and he made me say wow,by the way my buddy elected to pass this antelope up,i think he is sorry now lol

Eli Grimmett said...

Sorry, I missed your comment Mike. If you ever get back to reading the comments under this post then welcome to the site! I'm always looking to make changes to the blog and improve it to make it more entertaining and interactive, so whenever my updates become slow and irregular it's because I'm either trying to change something or I'm busy scouting (or otherwise trying to make a living).

sean peters ks said...

congratulations to mike aqnd sorry to his friend