Mar 8, 2009

1st Arizona Auction Tag 2009

The first AZ auction tag sold at the AZDBSS Banquet last night for $21,000 to Bill Dunbar. Bill purchased this tag in 2007 as well and took an 89-inch (roughly) buck out of 19A with his guide Larry Heathington. I assume they'll be hunting together again this year.

It's interesting to note that this tag hasn't sold for a price this low since 2000 when one of the two tags was bought by Robert Petersen for $16,000. And before that you have to go back to 1997 when Robert Petersen bought one of the tags for $20,000.

We didn't attend the banquet but I imagine it had a lot of people scratching their heads!


John said...

I just think that goes to show how much the economy is even hurting the rich people...

I wish him luck..

Eli Grimmett said...

Well, I would assume that also except that last year Doc was bidding against Dunbar and bought the tag at the first banquet...and then Doc was bidding against Dunbar and bought the tag at the second banquet. So, in essence, the only person really missing from the equation the other night was Doc to bid against Dunbar. Had they both been bidding I'm sure the tag would have been over 50K.

Why didn't Doc bid? Is the economy hurting him? I don't think so. We talked to him and he's basically got only so much time to do so many hunts! Haha. He's still got an antelope tag that's good until August 14th of this year so I'm sure he wasn't too concerned with missing out on the first auction tag.

I know that Larry said he had a few bucks last year that he thought were over 90-inches so if any of those bucks made it through the year Dunbar should get a great buck. Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

That was a cool buck he killed too. I have some pictures of him. I will admit, though, that I had him underscored by a few inches.


Eli Grimmett said...

I was pretty excited that we nearly nailed the score on this buck! :) Are your pictures better than mine? I can't remember if you showed them to me or not. I thought I had a couple that came out really good.