Jan 19, 2009

19A Pronghorn Capture Details

This is straight from the G&F website:

Trap construction and Pronghorn Capture
When: Feb 7-8, Sat-Sunday trap construction
Feb 10, Tuesday trap construction
Feb 11, Wednesday capture
Feb 12, Thursday trap breakdown, if needed

Where: Prescott Valley, AZ. Specific times and directions will be sent in a later email.
Description: This project involves the construction of a pronghorn corral trap on Sat, Sun,
& Tues (Feb 7, 8, 10) and a pronghorn capture on Wed, Feb 11. Trap breakdown will follow
the capture, if there is enough daylight, or occur on Thurs, Feb 12. If you are interested in
volunteering for the pronghorn capture we ask that you attend a construction day.

Special notes: This project involves building over a mile of fence and a corral trap with
working parts. It is labor intensive and may involve some heavy lifting. Gloves and closed
toed shoes are suggested

Dress appropriately for cold temperatures or rain showers. Several layers are suggested.
Volunteers will be transported to the capture
location; vehicles will be left at a parking location.
Volunteers will need to pack lunches, snacks and drinks for themselves, these items will not
be accessible once at the capture location. Last year this capture was cancelled due to
weather, so please check your email before leaving for the project.

Erin Riddering, Game Specialist: eriddering@azgfd.gov (928)692-7700 x 2330

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