Dec 12, 2008

A Buck we Named "Buddha"

We found this buck in Unit 7 in 2002. He was running with a buck we thought was about 87 inches and Buddha clearly dwarfed him. We didn't have any hunters for this unit, but we went up to locate the buck the day before opening day and to hopefully see the buck on the ground if someone took him. Unfortunately the buck was nowhere to be found the day before opening day or anytime during the hunt. We never saw the buck again.


Mongo said...

Thanks. That's a pretty sweet buck, wonder if anyone did eventually find him?

Blake Lanoue said...


Did you ever hear if the buck in 19A that looked like that was killed this past season? I had heard that there was a muzzleloader hunter that saw him while scouting and said he really wanted to kill him, but I never heard if he did. I have several pictures of him, but none are all that good. He was very spooky and didn't like people hanging around!

Eli Grimmett said...

Never heard anything about it. There are a lot of bucks that I'd like to know about that have disappeared the last few years. Hopefully some stories will be in magazines about them.