Oct 17, 2008

It's About Time!

We just took a trip to Wyoming and had quite the adventure! Almost plowed into another vehicle that spun out on the icy road, got stuck in the snow (fortunately someone drove by within an hour), and shot at a different buck and missed twice before even locating this buck. In the end, my sister made a 555 yard shot on this buck on the very last day of the hunting season! The buck rough scores about 87-inches and was by far the largest buck we saw during our trip.

On another note, we're heading to New Mexico for one last hunt - the second of the two New Mexico Auction Tags. The first buck was taken by Mike Gallo in August and now his son, Peter, is coming back to take his buck. With any luck we'll be back in a few days.


ljmelea said...

great buck!1what unit or area,time of year?public or private?larry

Eli Grimmett said...

It was in Unit 63. We got the buck on the very last day of the hunt which I think was about October 14th. The buck was taken on a ranch where we got permission from the owner but the majority of the ranch was BLM land.

John said...

Would love to hear what PGS final 2008 numbers were? Maybe even a break down of WY, NM, and AZ..

Great Job as always


Eli Grimmett said...

I'll start working on some posts that tally up our season and even some great bucks that we had nothing to do with, but bucks that need to be seen nonetheless! :)