Mar 9, 2008

The Yukon

I saw this at the ISE show yesterday. It's a Yukon Spotting Scope featuring a 6-100 power lens with a 100mm objective. My Dad and I looked through it at the show indoors and it looked good, but you can never really tell indoors. It retails between $300-$400, so it's relatively inexpensive. If anyone has actually used one outdoors in a hunting/scoping situation let us know what you think. At that price it's might tempting just to get one to try out - you almost can't go wrong.


Anonymous said...

Stick with swarovski.

Eli Grimmett said...

Have you used a Yukon spotting scope in the field?

My Dad and I tried "this" type of experiment several years ago with a $300 scope with 75 power lens. After a few days in the field with it we packed it up and sent it back. This scope might fall into that same category.