Mar 19, 2008

Remember This Buck?

If any of you read AZOD's forums than you may remember seeing the buck photographed below. I've been told that the buck scores 93 and is 18 inches long. I'm not 100% positive that the two pictures are of the same buck, but it looks reasonable. I know the buck was taken in New Mexico, but I'm not sure where exactly and I don't know who the hunter is or I'd give him credit. I'll try to find more information.


Anonymous said...

I thought the guy said the live photo was AZ?

Do you have a picture of John Gisi's buck?

Eli Grimmett said...

The guy who posted the photo never actually said where the buck was, but he did "allude" to the buck being in Arizona. We contacted him and found out what state the buck was really in, but he wouldn't divulge any specifics.

Apparently a friend of his was going to hunt the buck with his bow, but, since New Mexico has a Mobility Impaired hunt before the archery hunt, the buck was already taken by the time his buddy arrived to hunt. At least this is the story we've been told.

I do have a couple pictures of Gisi's buck - I'll post a blog about his buck either today or tomorrow.