Feb 7, 2008

Arizona Application Reminder

Antelope and Elk applications are due February 12th! Don't forget.

(I'm posting this more as a reminder to myself - otherwise I'll forget ;)


John said...

I think you are getting your states mixed, New Mexico in April, AZ is in Feb, ( Next Week )

Eli Grimmett said...

Fixed. Thanks. No wonder I forget to apply!

Anonymous said...

Hey Eli,

Can a person draw a rifle or muzzleloader tag in the best units with max nonresident points minus the hunter education point? If not, what archery tag would you apply for with that many points?

Eli Grimmett said...

A non-resident can draw a tag for any weapon in any unit with any number of points. Arizona's bonus point system isn't quite like some others. I know certain states, in order to draw a tag, you have to have a certain number of points to do so. Arizona is open to anyone - although drawing is definitely tougher with fewer points and I believe there's a cap for non-resident tags.

In your situation, with near-max points, if you obtained that hunter ed point you may almost be guaranteed to draw a tag, but don't quote me on that.

If I were you I wouldn't waste all my points on an archery tag.

Anonymous said...

Different topic. Have you guys been in unit 11 in new mex latley? How is the quality and is it worth muzzleloader hunting?

Eli Grimmett said...

We haven't been in there much, but a buddy hunted it last year and said he saw more antelope than he expected to see (which isn't saying much since he only expected to see a few per ranch), but he did say he saw some decent bucks. I really don't know for sure if it's worth hunting, yet, but I do know we'll be scouting it this year so in June and July I should have some photos for you. For a muzzle loader tag I'd guess that it would be worth a shot.