Jan 9, 2008

SCI Convention - Jan 23-26

For anyone thinking of attending an SCI Convention check out these pictures of the show floor, the auction, etc.

I found something else cool online - it's OUR booth at the SCI Convention! Check it out!

For those attending the show stop by our booth and visit with us, we're booth number 5018 - inside the McElroy Ballroom.


John said...

how much are booths for this show?

Eli Grimmett said...

Um...I think they're around 2400 plus you're required to donate either money or something from your line of products or services. It's not a cheap show to do, but tickets to get in are near $100 per day (don't quote me on that, I never have to buy one so I'm not exactly sure.)

So, it's not cheap, but the folks who usually buy tickets to get in are willing to spend money on quality hunts and equipment. There's a huge difference between the SCI show and the local shows at the fairgrounds.

John said...

I heard outside of the republican national convention it is 2nd biggest gathering of millionairs in 1 spot.

Eli Grimmett said...

I would believe that.