Dec 16, 2007

Wollenman's Buck, Field Photo

Paul with his buck we named "The 18-incher". In 2006 the buck was 18-inches long. In 2007, not quite.


John said...

Glad your blog is back up, Sorry to hear about your Knee.. Great Photos, I would have thought that the AZ Auction buck would have scored higher. Great buck Regardless.


Eli Grimmett said...

Well, the buck Shaun Friesen took hunting with us was bigger. :)

I'll post pictures within the week.

John said...

Was it that close that you guys could not tell? Or the Auction Tag holder just wanted a big buck and really was not looking for a 90in?

Eli Grimmett said...

I'm confused - it sounds like you think we guided Bill Dunbar to his buck.

We did NOT guide Bill Dunbar, Larry Heathington did. Larry Heathington does not work for us and is not associated with us in any way. He owns and operates

So, in essence, he's our competition when it comes to bidding on auction tags, but I thought I'd post the pics on here anyway because it's a beautiful buck and I took some great live photos before Bill knocked him down.

As for the field judging of the buck check out this thread on MM (post 39 and 49):

To summarize the post:

I posted a pic of Bill's buck on AZOD before Bill killed him and said that I thought the buck might score about 89 which I admitted was probably optimistic. Later, on the MM Forum, I corrected my score and posted a new score of 87 4/8 which happened to be really close to the actual score according to Larry. If you read through that MM thread you can see that a few people thought my score was WAY TO HIGH. :)

We guided Shaun Friesen and Chad Corbin this year on Statewide Arizona Tags. Shaun bought his at the second auction while Chad won his through the Arizona Super Raffle.

I'll post the pics of Shaun and Chad soon.

BTW - thanks for commenting. Hopefully we can get the comments rolling!

PS: How'd things go with the business this year? Any antelope packages turn up a monster?

PPS: I'll post anybody's pictures on here if the buck is big enough or unique! I'll try to identify in the post that the buck was not guided by us and I'll always give credit to whoever deserves it.