May 7, 2007

Early Photos

Here are a few bucks from my first trip out this year! It was definitely fun. The wind was incredible and the bucks were far and few between in most of the units I was in. There were a few that stood still long enough for a photo and those are the ones above. I will try to get my photo technique down and, when I do, I hope to have some exceptional photos for sale on our website! And don't worry - the photos won't be of small antelope like you usually see in the good photos in the magazines. These photos will be special - hopefully I can find some bucks that will score over 90 inches and those will be the photos I put in the series. I'll think on it some more, but it could be the first photo collection of it's kind and hopefully the quality will be as good as I can see it in my mind!

Tally Ho!


Antelope Nut said...

Nice pictures. Now lets see some pics of the BIG BUCKS!!

You wouldn't hold out on us now would you? haha.

Eli Grimmett said...

Hold out? Are you joking me? Haha. Maybe you should take another look at the bucks posted above. What do you think they score?

Eli Grimmett said...

Sorry if that very last comment came off rude, that was not the intention. Haha. There is no way to edit comments. I reread the post and thought maybe it sounded a little harsh for some reason, but I couldn't pinpoint the reason.

Anyway - what do you think of the bucks above score-wise. I'd love to hear some opinions. Remember, they have probably 1 4/8 to 2 inches more to grow in length.

John said...

I think these bucks will be in the mid 80's, except for the 2nd buck will hit 90. Pray for more water!!!!!

Eric said...

Just wanted to say Im really into antelope hunting and I really enjoy the posts, the antelope up here in Wyoming arent as big, but I sure enjoy looking at all the giant goats, and learning new things!!!

Antelope Nut said...

You know I was just yankin' yer chain!!

Those bucks are very nice. More than one of those bucks will finish up over 90.