May 25, 2007

Back Early

I got back from vacation a bit early (running out of money - vacations are expensive!) but I did get to run through a little bit of lope country while I was gone. Saw several good bucks in 5A and some others in 19A and 10. We drove through a good portion of the Navajo Indian Reservation (to see Canyon De Chelly, Four Corners, Monument Valley, etc...) and I was very depressed during the drive. It appears that much of the Navajo is antelope "country" yet there were no antelope anywhere to be seen! It was sad to see so much beautiful country uninhabited by antelope.

The buck below is one of the better bucks I saw on the trip - and also one of the better pictures I took of a buck (unfortunately - none of the bucks would let me very close.)

My Dad and I are going to New Mexico on June 6th for a week long scouting trip. I'll definitely have some "keeper" pictures when I return...and hopefully some of some giant antelope!

Tally Ho!

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Eric said...

hey, just wondering where the posts are, I did really enjoy reading and observing them, good luck this season