Mar 1, 2007


I've updated the website again, putting many of our older pics back on the site! I've also updated a few of the records pages with more links. I'll continue to update as I find more good pictures to put up. If you have any thoughts about how to make the site better, let me know. Right now I think our picture count on the site is around 220!!!

Tally Ho!


alfred said...

if your picture count is 220, what is your "ho tally" at?

Eli Grimmett said...

About 25 - if you're counting the number of times it's written at the end of my blogs. Of course 25 is just a guess, though.

Anonymous said...

You listed the best AZ hunts in an earlier blog. What are the best archery hunts in AZ for a monster buck? 19A, 10, 18A?

Eli Grimmett said...

Those are some good ones. Unit 10 is probably one of the all-time best archery hunts ever, but only because of it's trophy potential and because it's coupled with Unit 18A and 18B! As for success, it's not nearly as high as a lot of the out of state archery hunts can be.

If you do hunt it, staying OFF The Plateau is highly advisable!!! There are big bucks out there, but if you've ever scouted or hunted it then you know why it's not a top archery spot for success.

Unit 18A would probably be the best unit to hunt on that hunt - or possibly in an area in Unit 10 or 18B with some terrain and cover for stalking.

The trophy quality in 19A has been WAY DOWN in recent years. In fact, I personally only saw a few bucks in there last year that would go book (as a slight disclaimer, just know that I didn't scout it relentlessly like I have in the past.) Hopefully the archery side of the unit will rebound in the next couple of years and some giants will come from there once again.

One of the better archery units is actually 17B, but because of the private land I'd advise against it, unless you know you can get access or have already been given access. There are some really good bucks to be seen and hunted, but almost the entire population of antelope is located on private ground.

As for the "other" units - I don't recommend most of them. Some of them can have big bucks, but offer very little opportunity at actually killing one. Others have smaller bucks, but you could up your chances of killing.

Units 4-5 have good antelope, but it would be a tough hunt. Unit 1 might have some good bucks (I heard a rumor of a 90 inch archery kill this last season.) The units down south by Sonoita have decent bucks, but there may be private land involved and very few tags to be had.

Anonymous said...

I haver never been to 10, are they that miserable to get close to?

Eli Grimmett said...

On The Plateau part of Unit 10, yes, they are that tough to get close to. Even rifle hunting can be tough up there. Of course there are many areas in Unit 10 where there are trees and stalking opportunities, too.