Feb 20, 2007

New Site

I've been working hard on updating our primary website at PronghornGuideService.com

It's not that we're changing anything major, just the overall look of the site as well as a lot of new coding (css) as we're trying to move away from the older versions of website software. This new site will have all the oldies but goodies and hopefully we'll find some space to put some new goodies, too.

Also, if I forgot to mention this before, my new camera and lens have both arrived - a Canon 400D and a Sigma 50-500mm. I haven't had a chance to field test this set up yet, but I will do so as soon as I can get up north and I'll provide a brief little review of the pros and cons of using this system for antelope scouting purposes.

If there are any more good questions about antelope or anything related feel free to ask away in the comments section.

Tally Ho!


John said...

Since we can talk about random Antelope issues, do you have any pics of antelope right after they have shed their horns? What do they look like with out the outer part? How many have you ever picked up?

Eli Grimmett said...

I actually don't have any pictures readily available, but I've seen many bucks right after they've shed and they don't look much different then from what they normally look like when viewed from a distance. Immediately they'll be grayish and slightly reddish from the blood, but they blacken up quickly! If you have ever seen an antelope's horn cores after killing one then just imagine those cores being thicker and black and that's what they look like.

My Dad and I have picked up probably close to 75 horn sheds over the years. We have one that, if doubled, would score 95 2/8!

I'll see if I can find some pics of bucks that just shed and I'll take a pic of that monster shed that we have and I'll post them both in an upcoming blog.

John said...

Thanks for the info, Can't wait for the pictures