Dec 20, 2006

Website Update

I've updated The Website again with a few more pictures.

Two of three were bucks we never named and the one we did name wasn't very big score-wise, but he did have some uniqueness to his rack. We named him Jerry - since we all ready had a Newman - and his right horn was shaped exactly like a banana and had no prong. I've got some side views that I'll post when I find them. Chad Smith of Vaquero Outfitters actually guided to this buck the next year and by then both of the buck's horns were shaped like bananas! Very cool! You can see a picture of the buck the year he was taken in the link above - just scroll down the page a bit.

As soon as The Huntin' Fool publishes their January issue (I'm assuming that'll be the issue they list their top Arizona antelope and elk units) I'll post what I believe will be the top 5 trophy antelope units in Arizona. If The Huntin' Fool is way off on any of their selections I'll let you know that as well.

Tomorrow I'll review some of the strange things I've noticed while perusing the NEW ARIZONA ANTELOPE REGS.

Until then...Tally Ho!

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