Dec 16, 2006

To the Future

This is the new format. All the old blogs are here, but they may be jumbled around. To check them out just find the archive section somewhere in the right panel and click on the title of the one you want to read.

This new format is amazing and will allow me to update and archive everything without having to think about it. I'll never skip a blog this way either because it's just so easy.

I'll be limiting the blogs to one or two new pictures each time, but on the flip side I may be able to blog more often - probably anywhere from once a week to 4 or 5 times a week.

I'm not going to adhere strictly to the Monday and Friday posting schedule anymore either. This way if I have timely information I'll just post it right away instead of waiting for the next Monday or next Friday so come back as often as you can or as often as you'd like to see World Record caliber antelope and talk about them.

Lastly, this new format will allow you to leave comments, which I'd greatly appreciate. As many comments as you want as often as you want. Ask questions or just leave your opinion or whatever you want.

This is your blog so I'd like for it to be the very best on planet!

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