Dec 17, 2006

Picture Update

I've updated the website with 3 new pictures of bucks from back in the day.

OLB was a buck that lived on the Las Vegas Ranch in the mid-90's. Probably around 84 inches - not very heavy, but good length.

The Kid lived on The Fain Ranch in the mid/late-90's. We thought he'd score around 85-86. A buddy of ours shot at him once, but missed.

L also lived on The Fain Ranch. I shot at and missed him 3 different times in 1997. He would have scored nearly 94 inches that year. L was taken the next year from one of our blinds by Rusty Ulmer. He passed on Sticks, a buck that was probably "only" 19 inches at the time, to take L. L had a broken tip and consequently net scored "only" 89 6/8.

The Fain Ranch has since lost, from what we can tell, all of the 90 caliber bucks that it used to hold year after year. Shortly after the transplant where they removed about 200 antelope the infamous drought of 2002 hit and nearly decimated the population. The archers, in turn, whacked the herd at an astonishing rate that year by hunting the waterholes - the one place the bucks HAD to go in 2002.

The Fain Ranch is currently working on bringing back the genetics, or trying to anyway. I hope they're successful. As it stands now, I wouldn't apply for a 19A archery hunt (if you're hoping for a trophy hunt) until things get better.

Tally Ho.

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